Sunday, 13 May 2007

And another one turns

Remember the site that I blogged about a while back? Well there must be something in the water as the author of that site has... guessed what? Devised an evoting system!

This makes the 3rd sceptic who's developing / distributing an evoting system, which seems to be a growing trend; attack the existing suppliers with your own product alongside.

Our friend Mr Kitcat has spoken up in defense of Emanuele Lombardi before, I wonder what he'd think of these lovely little lines:

The process for making such software is named ClearSoftware® and it is patented together with ClearVoting®

Since ClearSoftware® is patented, its details are not shown here

So Emanuele has come up with the perfect system for ensuring transparency and trust in a software system, but wouldn't publicly reveal details of it! I need to get me a patent like that.