Monday, 27 November 2006

Warning - Sunspots may bring down democracy

Quick last post for the night. Check out this great vid of Mr Kitcat, the best bit is at the end :

"Powercuts, sunspots" - Yes because it's beyond the wit of man to provide backup power at a hosting center. Or to provide a DR site that duplicates the systems in use at the main site isn't it? I visited hosting centres over the past couple of weeks that have multiple diesel generators that can power the hosting center for three days with just the fuel onsite. And the centers are a priority for delivery of fuel in the event of a fuel crisis. As to the sunspots bit, I'm not even to going to gratify that with an answer. I mean really, sunspots?

"Open to manipulation by the election officials"
- WOW! So a paper ballot isn't? And given what has been said about the technical ability of election officials by the anti-eVote brigade I'd thought they'd be lucky if they could identify a server, let alone find theirs in a SECURE HOSTING FACILITY, then gain privileged access to encrypted databases... yes it's the mild mannered election officials that are the biggest threat to democracy in this country.

"By people that have access to them surreptitiously" - Again, very little chance of this in a SECURE HOSTING FACILITY.

Sorry for the shouting, but I really think Mr Kitcat has no idea how these pilots are run. But that's hardly surprising, the man's never done any serious systems work himself and that seems to be the pattern. These people get the idea into their heads that they are the be all and end all of knowledge in computing and try and dictate to the majority as to how we use technology.

Well good luck Mr Kitcat, because neither the Government, the public nor Local Authorities are listening (and don't think you swung the decision in B&H not to run an eVoting pilot Jason, that was all just politics anyway, the subject for another post).