Friday, 8 December 2006

Do the "Yes Man" dance!

Blimey! Finally had time to read and digest all of Jason Kitcats post about me. You really know you've arrived on the scene when someone spends all morning writing something that long huh? (and securing their site against some basic security problems).

The main points I see from the article are:

  • My confusion over voter trust in electoral processes vs electoral models
  • Voter trust in pre-encrypted ballots
  • Coercion and vote selling in remote voting systems
  • Database tallies
  • Certification of code
  • Authority of opinion
  • Schneiers' quote
  • Verifiability (process & source)
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Paper system problems
I think that's the lot, I'll try to knock these off on at a time, but work and life in general are very hectic at the moment (What with Christmas and all). If there's anything that anyone thinks you've missed, please leave a comment.