Thursday, 15 February 2007

Blogging about logging

It's been a while since I've nearly snarfed (the top definition, not the one about sniffing bike seats), but just came close. There's was a well balanced report on Click On last night on the BBC I was listening to again (about the Estonian experience), when I remembered that Mr Kitcat had commented on this at some point in the past. A quick search of his site turned up this article which contains the near-snarf-inducing passage:

"(I'm still pretty proud of GNU.FREE's logging and there may be better logging designs cloaked in corporate secrecy)"

For those that haven't been following the story check this article from my blog and this comment from AmmoQ on TDWTF.

The only thing that stopped it being a true snarf incident is the fact that Jason honestly believed this... scary huh?