Monday, 12 February 2007

Choice quote

"There are concerns about voters' perceptions of these issues. Electronic voting is potentially far more secure than the existing system. At present, I could walk into the polling station, say that I was Mr. Smith of 23, the High street, get a ballot paper, and vote. That system is insecure, but we still have confidence in it because if the real Mr. Smith comes along later and is told that he has already voted, he can prove his identity. It is therefore clear that the other person is the imposter, and people will not lose confidence in the system.

The potential biggest difficulty in the electronic voting pilots will be when Mr. Smith arrives at the polling station and is told that he has already voted electronically. The assumption might then be that someone in his household has stolen his voting card, pin number and user ID. In the same way, banks assume that someone who queries a transaction has had their card and pin number stolen and is at fault for not keeping them secure.

Such problems will challenge voter perceptions, and they raise important questions, particularly given our curious confidence in a system that is the most insecure that we could possibly create and does not even require us to produce ID when we arrive at the polling station. Those questions will be dealt with only by a clear independent report, and I suggest that the Electoral Commission should have that major responsibility."

Couldn't have said it better myself, taken from :