Saturday, 28 April 2007

I turn, U turn

Jason's seems to be turning again. Despite eVoting being incredibly dangerous and a huge threat to democracy he's now posting links to OSS eVoting projects! (Shurely shome mistake?)

The article's very interesting, as it seems to contradict a number of arguments that Jason has raised, namely that of interception, alteration, co-ercion, receipts, etc.

I'll see if I can sniff out the source of this, could be an interesting read. But all in all a strange link for Jason to be posting... seems he only really dislikes non-OSS eVoting systems. I wonder if he'd be as positive if the source to a commercial system were released for peer-review?

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E-Voting Machine - A Travesty for Silent Voters

It is unbeliveable that the British people are going to use e-voting technology in the next election. I do not know if this technology is similar to the one used in Brazil. If it is, you are going to use a kind of travesty technology that is very much appropriate for fraud and corruption. This is a kind of technology for people that have no citizenship. Most of the Brazilian voters are the poor living under the poverty line and democracy for them is what the perverse political elite design for them. In short, e-voting technology in Brazil is a tool for corruption not for democracy. Last year, during the last election, corruption has increased and vote turnout declined.